Ultraviolet Protection Equipment

UV Radiation is the main cause of skin cancer. Because of this, there is a need to protect the patient's face during phototherapy, a technique which is used in the treatment of many skin diseases. Protection against this damaging UV radiation can be achieved by using the following protective device:

Ultraviolet Protective Face Mask
This face mask is designed from a plastic flexible film that blocks out UVA, UVB & UVC radiation. The mask protects the face and ears but is easily cut and shaped to allow the treatment of hairline or isolated psoriatic plaques on the face. Each mask is specific to a patient's course of treatment and can then be disposed of. The mask folds flat in between treatment sessions but is assembled in seconds. Low cost and single size fits all patients. Hybec Code : H983

The Durham Medimask is made and marketed by Hybec Limited in agreement with the Newcastle upon Tyne Regional Medical Physics Department.

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