Erythema Test Units

Measuring the sensitivity of patients' skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation before they embark on a course of UV treatment for their skin disease can make the treatment more effective. This measurement, or PHOTOTEST, involves measuring small areas of skin to increasing doses of UV radiation and noting the smallest dose (called the minimal erythema dose or MED) that results in a slight redness of the test site 24 hours after exposure.

The Dermalight 80 MED Tester (Hybec Code: DRH606)

The Dermalight 80 MED tester is a compact unit for the safe detemination of the minimum UV-B erythema dose (MED @ 311nm).

The unit contains a foil with 10 different test fields allowing varying doses of UV-irradiation.

The unit comes complete with LED controller and a hard wearing carry case.

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