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Daito Alarm and Micro Fuses

Since its foundation in 1948, Daito has used its unique technologies to develop a wide rage of high reliability alarm and micro fuses. Their fuses ensure safety in a wide range of products which include but not limited to; communications, robotics and traffic signals. Fuses are often considered simple, basic devices. However, if just one fuse malfunctions in a large system or fails to cut off as intended, a system stoppage can quickly escalate into a much larger problem. Daito fuses meet international safety standards such as UL, CSA, VDE and SEMKO in addition to japanese safety standards. With their advanced production systems and constant quest for new technologies Daito Communications are able to provide reliable, safe products to our customers.

Click on the range required to view technical data for these products or click here to download the complete catalogue

MP Range - Fast Blow - 0.32a - 7.5a Dark Green

SDP Range - Time-Lag - 1a - 7.5a Black

HP Range - Normal Blow - 0.32a - 6.3a Dark Green

GP Range - Normal Blow - 0.32a - 15a Dark Green

P4 / PL4 Range - Normal Blow - 0.3a - 30a Black/Brown

SP4 Range - Time-Lag - 0.1a - 5a Black

P4L / PL4L - Normal Blow - 0.4a - 15a

P4H Range - Normal Blow - 0.4a - 10a Black

UP Fuse - Normal Blow - 7.5a - 50a Black

DCP Micro Fuse - Normal Blow 0.5a - 2a - Black

BDH Micro Fuse - Normal Blow - 1a - 6.3a Blue

D51/D52 Tubular Fuse - Normal Blow - 1a - 10a

D61/D62 Tubular Fuse - Normal Blow - 10a - 20a

LM Micro Fuse - Normal Blow - 0.3a - 5a Black or Clear

DM Micro Fuse - Normal Blow - 0.3a - 3.2a Black or Clear

HM Micro Fuse - Normal Blow - 0.3a - 5a Black or Clear

If the product you require is not listed here, please do ot hesitate to call us on 0116 2358818 or email daito@hybec.com