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CCFL Products

As the European distributor of a specialized manufacturer of small-sized lamps, we can offer specialist solutions in the field of photo catalysis, sterilization and deodorization, UV lamps are more often used in equipment for these applications as they can be miniaturized or thinned down.




TCG series (Germicidal lamps) are low-pressure mercury lamps that effectively generate UV radiation at 254nm. By using special UV-transparent glass for the envelope, UV output is efficiently attained.

Examples of use for the TCG Series include, sterilisation, deodorisation, surface modification and analytical instruments.


TCB series (Black Light Blue lamps) effectively generate UV radiation with a wavelength of 365nm. The lamps utilize special phosphor and blue filter glass so that visible radiation is cut and the desired wavelength is emitted.

Examples of use for the TBB Series include, Photo Catalyst (activation of titanium oxide), flaw detection, money/bank note validation, curing and ink detection.


If you would like to see more details on specification, please click on the above picture or you can email us on hybec@hybec.com or call us on (+44) 0116 2358818